Sunday, November 29, 2009

Departure 1/30


We said goodbye in an empty dining room
The chairs yoked up to the table
Every place set. Candle's lit
by street-light. The air two shades away
from black. I've always loved the way your face
looks in the dark. Like an abstract painting.
I appreciate the depth of your brow.
The symmetry in your smile. The way your
eye color changes into a different hue
of divinity from different perspectives.

A nervous stare lingered between us.
I slipped your glow under my eyelid, like a keepsake
under a pillow. The goblins living in the chandelier
watched as I struggled through the letters in g o o d b y e
No one has seen me cry before. I don't like being
so human in public. But I cried
in a silent slow burning whimper.

Felt you leave from my fingertips. I stood
in the window. Wiping my tears with veil-like
curtains. Thin and transparent. I wonder
if you looked back. If you blew me a kiss.

Three days later I wrote you a love letter.
You said it smelled like me
and 200 miles worth of I miss you
You declared my handwriting insecure
I could say nothing, except,
"You made me human. Now Love me this way."

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