Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Labels

As we move through the time and space continuum of life we touch, bump, or “crash” into other people. We create relationships by stitching together the fabric of our past and present and leaving space to sew in our future.

Many people have brought together the patchwork of their lives in their relationships. Their love has become a beautiful garment, with quality material and solid construction. Why is it that an innumerable amount of people can’t bring themselves to be content in a relationship without the labels? Is it possible that people can only find the value in a love that is tagged and validated? Why must we all grapple for the safety of labels? Literally speaking, many people will pay twice the amount of a regular piece of clothing for one that has a designer label. Now yes, there is a difference between a $40 blouse and a $150 blouse. But at a certain point we are just paying for the name.

Why should I give another person the authority to name a connection I have with someone else? It is unnecessary to label yourself, girlfriend and boyfriend, wifey and hubby, husband and wife or even “partners.” We are too caught up in making a relationship “official.” Why is this? Must we label ourselves so that the ‘we’ can be identified by outsiders? It is the people who are in the relationship that have to define what it is and where it’s going. The label-less dress can be just as beautiful as the Vera Wang. So don’t rush to stitch on a label to the inside of your relationship; it just might ruin the fabric.

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